Now that the weather is cooling off all over the country it's time to turn up the

indoor heat. With extra heat comes extra dry affecting HAIR dramatically

sometimes. You may already be noticing that once the heats on your hair starts to

become more dry, more fly away and more dull.

  Quick remedy #1...... Apply a deep conditioner like JOICO "Intense Hydrater to

dry hair for 5-10 min before you shampoo. When your hair is dry it is more

accepting of moisture than when hair is wet. Absorbing better and deeper for

more dramatic results. Shampoo and use daily conditioner. The intense moisture

treatment will rehydrate and moisturize the hair. shampoo and style hair

results.... softer, shinier and hydrated hair with less fly always.

  Quick remedy #2...... Before bed apply a few drops of serum, or oil excellent

choice JOICO "K-Pak restorative Oil". With arginine oil & essential amino acids you'll

see and feel the difference after one night. Depending on length and density apply

1-4 drops of oil emulsify in hands and apply mid shaft through ends. If hair is long

enough braid loosely or pull up in a loose bun. Shampoo in the morning or re-style

  Quick remedy #3....... Pop into your favorite Salon for 20 min gloss treatment. I

love JOICO Vero K-Pak chrome. Think of it like a fresh top coat on a manicure,

instant shine! A clear gloss or one with subtle warmth will have your dull dry hair

looking shining healthy & reflect for up to 14 shampoos.

  Change up your products switch to a more moisturizing shampoo & conditioner

during the cold winter months when the heat is on. Indulge inextra hair masques

& reconstructor JOICO K-Pak is the perfect fix all. K-Pak replaces essential amino

acids & protein replacing only what's missing so never to heavy, just

reconstruction, rehydration and replace all that's missing in dull dehydrated hair.