Photoshoot 2/10/14

I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos from our shoot 2/10/14, and also wanted to talk about the inspiration.

The idea was to create multiple collections within one shoot. The inspiration evolved around a Modern Punk/Renaissance feel. Working with textures and elements reminiscent of these two very different periods. Texture in the hair and wardrobe working together to create a very modern yet old feeling. The hair has a lot of geometry and height also giving a strong influence in the direction of renaissance. The vibrant un natural color in the hair lead to the punk era. Ombre is a very hot modern hair color trend now so that is how the modern was incorporated into these images. I'm really excited to see these collections published.

I am a huge fan of wigs. I feel I can have so much more freedom than finding models to commit to cutting and hair color. I like to find aspiring models or models who have been stereotyped in a certain genre of modeling and want to expand their portfolio. Honestly having a good time and getting to create your vision is what is most important to me. Once I have laid out my storyboards I have a meeting of the minds, including photographer, makeup artist, stylist and assistances. We put our ideas together and develop a blueprint. Call sheets are made and timelines are set. This ensures the best results come of our efforts. Things come up and a look sometimes just happens which keeps it fun. Hundreds of shots are taken but when you see the hero image it's worth all the time planning, prepping and creating. If and when the work is published its a great accomplishment! Thank you to my entire TEAM!


Photographer: Zachary Tristen

Hair: Cherry Petenbrink

         Taylor Petenbrink

         Sergio Sanchez

Makeup: Arlene Martinez

Stylist shoot/ coordinator: Audrey Petenbrink