My love for reds

I am a HUGE fan and partial to WARM RED HAIR color. From STRAWBERRY BLONDES TO hair "ON FIRE" to subtle rich "AUBURNS. Reds can be a challenge..... Fade fast...... Appear hollow.....Yellow & Orange instead of Gold & Copper. Veteran red heads can't be RED enough and clients venturing into the world of Red want to go there gradually. If you client is a level five or darker lift & deposit is required. If the client is level 6 or lighter deposit with a CREME Demi or Liquid Demi would do the trick. I love a dimensional Red using lighter & darker levels within 3 levels layered into zig zag highs, brights & lows. Avoid N or balanced shades if vibrancy is the desire. If a more subtle or natural Red us desired then perhaps natural or balanced shades will assist in a more natural outcome. I find color building ( layering color example = Demi deposit only then a liquid Demi to gloss, like a top coat) to be my most helpful technique to ensure longevity. Having created amazing natural Strawberry blonde for Nicole Kidman (Stoker) and Scarlet Johansson (Black Widow Captain America Winter Soldier) I have become even more passionate about MY RED hair color formulas.