Walking the Red Carpet

Walking the Red Carpet
Getting Colorist credit for Hunger Games I made history as a colorist, all of the attention surrounding Jennifer Lawrence's, KATNISS character, as well as Josh, as Peeta and Effie's trend setting pastel color that launched a frenzy of copycat colors across the world! I never dreamed any experience like that could be topped! Then came Emma Thompson & Tom Hanks for Saving Mr. Banks. The opportunity to be a part of something as history making as transforming Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff into a modern day super hero. EPIC
I have been invited a few times to Movies Premiers, never have I been able to attend or quite frankly, low budget and really uninterested. When my dear friend Jeri Baker sent me a text it had an image attached and said she had received two tickets from Scarlett for us to attend the the WORLD PREMIER of Captain America Winter Soldier IN LOS ANGELES as her guest. You can imagine my heart began racing immediately. The date, what was the date.....? With the schedule I keep, fear that I would be away was the first thing to come to mind. I pulled up my calendar and couldn't believe my eyes I was not only in LA but my calendar CLEAR for the evening of March 13 2014 at 7:00 PM!
Of course next was what to wear..... Colors of the season - purples & blues......What is trending -Jumpsuits..... Need to look slim and totally put together. Hair and make up needed extra care.
After a busy day, Getting my visa for a trip to China & Malaysia, shopping for hair and supplies for my Set the Stage event at the Artistic Institute, packing the three bags to transport wigs etc. I was pushing it for get Red Carpet ready time!
Arrive, check in , get my ticket, and WALK almost an entire block of step & repeat by myself! Jeri, Scarlett's personal hairstylists on film & Heba her make up artists are who brought me into Captain America & Chef both required BIG hair color make overs, were on set working on other projects so I met them there (saved good seats because they would be running late. Turns out we had amazing reserved seating!) the cameras weren't flashing fast & bright and no one asked for autographs but oh what a feeling! I worked it, you know I did.
Once the movie started we all sat with baited breath waiting for our girl Natasha to be unveiled! She was BREATHTAKING! Her cut, make up & AMAZING copper hair left us with our jaws dropped, huge smiles and between us tears weld up in my eyes. I was PROUD of my part in making her character a HOT, SEXY, SUPERHERO that a million women are going to want to emulate.
I realize it's just hair- but come on.... It's Scar J she graces the covers of 100's of beauty mags and is the face of DOLCE & Gabbana! By the way I colored her hair days before the shoot for the new campaign with Mathew M so I'll just go ahead and take credit for her hair color in the ads too! She is a lead character , she is a beauty icon not some thing to take lightly. Scarlett, Jeri and Heba knew exactly what they wanted to see on screen presented their thoughts and ideas to me and WE came up with a look together. Such an honor and privilege. GO TEAM WIDOW!
* I also had the privilege of doing color & smoothing treatments for Sebastian Stan aka THE WINTER SOLDIER he looked pretty awesome too thanks to Barbara Cantu.

                        CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE THE NEXT BIG PROJECT!