I've been asked a lot recently how I ended up where I am today, this is my story.

My journey in the Beauty Industry began 30+ years ago as a Graduate of Stewarts Beauty College in 1982 located in Aberdeen S. Dakota. My parents would have rather me have finished college, but 1 semester in I just wasn't feeling that path however I did complete one year with less than average marks. I was happier stocking & ordering inventory and being in charge of maintaining the health & beauty aisle at the local grocery store. 

I have always viewed life as an adventure a seek and conquer quest which is why I consider myself a gypsy at heart. My life has been a constant adventure as a child of a 20 yr military father and a  mother who was born and raised in UK life was full of travel, new beginnings and experiences. I then continued in this exciting and always evolving lifestyle by marrying my husband of 26 years, Steve, who is a 20 year Navy Veteran. Together we moved 11 times in 10 years, raised our children, ran a successful Salon and conquered our quests as they came. Often Adventure comes in disguise for example six month deployments with three children , a household to maintain, a job and your closest family is 3000 miles away. I learned to multi task and juggle like no other. When the deployment came to an end the prize and reward was our family unit was stronger and back together my husband always taking on as much of the extras as he could while I focused on the next adventure. Or moving to what I thought would be a stifling small town to owning a million dollar grossing business..... Who knew????

Our business adventure flourished more than ever anticipated. Projecting we would homestead (Steve had to extend his sea duty and delay his shore time) in St Mary's, GA for long enough to keep the kids in one high school and not up root them at such a challenging time in their lives also proved to be a learning experience. It was not a real goal of mine to own a business after all that meant long term commitment, sticking with a plan and staying in one place (not the best scenario for an adventurous gypsy). Living in a small southern town didn't at first glance seem to offer the ability to flourish and explore...... Or did it??? I had already been discovered (large increase in retail sales. I came to GA from a very booshie salon in Connecticut, where retail sales were everything!) by my DSC and recruited to educated and spread the JOICO philosophy. The epiphany to open a salon came to me out of frustration, boredom and an untapped idea. My past salon experiences (I was always attracted to the most beautiful successful salon in town) I opened my salon 800 sq ft salon with 4 employees this high end boutique salon offered exceptional customer service as well as services and talent that only larger cities offered. We took this sleepy little town by storm. See all of the women who were also planted there from all over the US & world ( because of Navy spouses) were heading to Jacksonville and Ritz Carlton Amelia Island to have services done or work. Within a year we expanded to 1600 sqft and added Spa treatments like facials, massage, mani & pedi's plus tanning. Next came the move to a new bigger more beautiful build to specification Salon & Spa SHABANG's was a "Many service salon". At 3600 sq ft we soon out grew this location. Expanding to 4600sqft, adding a Barber shop for our military, law enforcement/ male population. With big comfy Italian leather barber chairs, flat screens with CNN, ESPN, NEWS , a popcorn machine and venting machine. During this four year period Steve was still deploying for 3 months home 3 month away. Our children learned independence and hard work. We were hands on business owners. We painted every base board door and wall in this Salon. Steve laid all the flooring oversaw the pluming and electrical. Our children were familiar with the software and could fill in as receptionist, inventory takers or enlist the payroll. We had a great relationship with our local Rotary, chamber of commerce and all of the resourceful community programs. Most of all we nurtured our amazing TEAM OF STYLISTS. This Adventure reached a plateau after four years of maintaining its final stage. Steve was finally on shore duty the last 3 years and working at a nuclear power plant 90 miles away. My gypsy soul became restless. Two of our three children were graduated and our son off in the Navy ( so proud he has followed in dad & grandpas  foot steps  serving our country). My husbands said to me " you followed me and stood by me for 20 years , it's your turn. If you could live anywhere where would WE go? I' d been traveling to LA and had worked on several movies and television projects. We loved living in San Diego & San Fran so LA seemed logical. Full of adventure and quests to conquer! Thank goodness everyday in LA is an adventure especially if you commute on the freeways! 5 years in LA has proven to be the best decision- Getting Colorist credits on the largest Blockbuster Film was ground breaking never before done. Six Oscar nominated actors in 2013  as character work in film or television proved another career landmark. It just may be time to venture into a whole new arena I'm the Industry! ....... Well until this restless GYPSY SOUL yearns again. 


*Align yourself with people you aspire to become

*Always treat every opportunity as an adventure, when it becomes an obligation the passion leaves.

*Your greatness is not what you have it's what you give. 

*If it doesn't feel right ( heart pounding palms sweating in an excited kind of way) it probably isn't.

*Always put value on what you do!

*Continue to grow your skills, in not always the most obvious way.

*Be fearless every challenge is a conquer 

*Deliver on a promise.... Your GOLDEN

*Treat every decision with fairness

*Treat others as you want to be treated

*Never step on toes but find a way to make it work

*Solutions are key to any problem!





As a child, you had not yet set limits for yourself. The sky was the limit. You hadn't yet come to the conclusion that you were good at certain things, and not so good at other things. You knew who you were, but you didn't have the same restrictions or limits that you have now. If you really want to make the most of an upcoming opportunity, Libra, you will have to tap your inner child. You will have to get in touch with the childlike spirit that believes anything is possible. Because right now, anything is possible.