Spring is finally here!!!

Even though I just heard it's snowing in Chicago and Australia is in their fall season, here in North America and many parts of the world it's SPRING! Chinese consider spring new beginnings trees and flowers blooming with bright beautiful shades. Living in LA, spring is celebrated as if we had a long cold winter. It's all about celebrating, outdoor concerts like  COACHELLA are in full swing for two weeks of embracing music and the new season.  Clients are more than ready to lighten up, brighten up and make changes for the spring season. Ombré / Balayage is a great way to create subtle or dramatic seasonal changes. I love to get creative with Flash Effects interior, exterior or full effects can be adapted to virtually every client that sits in my chair.
To keep it modern I recommend lightening 2 levels at most,  avoid streaks or stripes as this will create an out dated look, instead stagger where the color starts from the scalp by 2"-4" lightly feathering or melting the color in. Coppers with sunset Ombré melting or Pastels for Blondes are more popular than ever! Brunettes are sun kissed ribbons of caramel to honey tone.
Using warm tones to gloss adds a brighter lighter feel as cool colors absorb light and warm colors reflect. Cutting a fringe, side swept bang or extra layers are all favorite for seasonal changes. Follow Jennifer, Shalene and Julianna and go big.... PIXIES are still Trending big time! Braids, buns and eclectically pinned up hair are all HOT for the warmer spring season! Mermaid waves are softer than ever and stick straight seems to be an ever fading FAD!
COACHELLA proved to be an ever evolving, trendsetting opening to spring. I've added some of my favorite looks! Wish I was 20 something just for this experience. I can and will live vicariously through my young trending seasonal changing clients! I'm committed to keeping my clients of all ages on trend and always recommend something new for Spring.