Staying Inspired

Recently I was experiencing a very odd twist in my career. It has been a long time since this has happened as I always stay adventurous, fearless and forward thinking when it comes to my job. I was feeling uninspired, unmotivated and a bit stagnant. Usually a big film opportunity or presentation option comes along that makes my heart and mind race with the thought of a new challenge. Writers experience writers block and I believe I was going through a similar type of mental block. What needed to be presented to get my brain and heart jumped started that would lead me to be in the passionate place I longed for again?
The answer....... An international travel opportunity to launch a new JOICO distributor, consisting of an AMAZING  Runway show with 20 models with multiple looks in a HOT Rooftop nightclub in Kuala Lumpar Malaysia! Suddenly that familiar feeling had returned. A heart pounding brain racing kind of feeling reminiscent of what I felt upon finding out I'd be Lead Color Consultant on the blockbuster record breaking movie of the decade HUNGER GAMES.
This show had to be beyond ordinary, above all expectations and mostly make Joico as a brand the most magnificent significantly talked about professional product offered! Collaborating with Kim Judkin a fellow artist who I respect and admire even more after this event was the extra special element in making this a career changing opportunity of a lifetime. Never have I worked with a more dedicated, hard working and motivated group of professional as the unstoppable TEAM from all over Asia. From Missie, Aileen, Zayne and Hidero to our artist support Tanya, Gilbert, Addrey, Hayden to the irreplaceable Jimmy Wong choreographer (and soooo much more) and his entire TEAM everyone gave 110%.
I thought I would return exhausted but instead I am more driven inspired and motivated to take on the world of beauty. I am anxiously planning, researching and shopping for the next BIG trip to Thailand in July for a repeat performance. Once again having the privilege to work with this amazing TEAM. For now it's off to Cleveland to wow 50 + stylists with innovative salon usable techniques and Joico Vero color knowledge. Then Seattle followed by a personal holiday with my family in Hawaii where I will no doubt be motivated to write create new techniques and edit my recent photo shoot consisting of 3 collections.
This opportunity was a games changer an eye opener and a chance for me to have new exciting insight into the Industry I love so much! Because of thus every part of my life will be enhanced with this renewed sense of purpose. *HERE'S TO MAKING THE WORLD A MORE COLORFUL PLACE! *