Hard work, loyalty and dedication pays off. For the past two years I have had the privilege of teaching and sharing my vast knowledge of coloring, designing and styling wigs at Zotos Artistic Institute in Darien Ct just 30 min outside of NYC. The workshop is called "Set the Stage" two workshops a year are offered.  I cover everything from Commercial to Avant Garde and Expensive/Inexpensive to Synthetic hair pieces, wigs and wefts/extensions. The workshop is two full days. Day one is look and learn with me talking, sharing and creating until you think your brain might explode! We cover every aspect. Coloring, cutting, applying, wig wraps, lace-front application and removal add in pieces and maintenance are all a part of this action packed first day. Three models go through 4 transformations right before your eyes! Day two is hands on finishing coloring wigs, extensions and pieces and story boarding your vision. I have been told over and over that this class opens up a whole new world for the attendees. Inspiring them to do photo shoots, theatre and TV. The class has such a vast topic that the knowledge and skills learned can in corporate into salon life. We all have family, members, friends or clients experiencing cancer and the effects of chemotherapy. Wigs are becoming more mainstream. As my mother battles cancer she was so grateful that I could custom cut & color her wig to look so much like her pre treatment hairstyle that her granddaughter didn't know it was a wig!!! I love to share the knowledge I have gained throughout my career and always learn new things during my workshop.