on the move...


As a gypsy at heart moving, relocating and starting over isn't an unfamiliar place for me to be. A lot of dynamics play into a professional move being successful. I was an established colorist in my previous location so it makes sense for me to make all the right decisions to ensure that SUCESS follows me to my new location. Great client service, consistency in results and punctuality all play an important part in ensuring SUCCESS follows me. None of the above mentioned elements will change in fact they will only be enhanced and perfected further. What has changed is the openness and decor of the new location. A huge window with indirect lighting, all white furniture and fixtures with the exception of a living wall of greenery and colorful plants give an outdoorsy, fresh, clean and lively atmosphere. I evaluated the things that I viewed as non positive aspects in my former space and designed a fresher lighter brighter version in my new studios space. Continuing to provide my clientele with the best possible hair services will continue to be my priority. A change of zip code 90211 Beverly Hills 1/4 mile from my house makes it even more pleasant no miserable commute promises that I will always have a smile and traffic will never create tardiness. 

I'm grateful for all of my loyal clients and all of the new buzz since moving. I've done more make overs and corrective color clients in my first month in my new space than I did in six months at my former space. Remain passionate & dedicated to your craft and the business will come. Once the word is out that you " Deliver on a promise".... Your GOLDEN.

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