Perfect Pastels

PASTEL hair has been building momentum in the past few years.

Effie Trinkett so confidently wore these amazing shades in the much

anticipated HUNGER GAMES. I was very proud to have created her

signature pink, lavender and chartreuse color for this blockbuster

film. Receiving credit as Colorist was a huge honor. I feel a little bit

responsible that more and more requests for these coveted shades

are coming into the salon. I decided this was a perfect opportunity to

share my tips, tricks and go too's when creating perfect pastels. We are

seeing pastels all over the runways in huge mega brand ad campaigns

and all around us on the streets, grocery store and airports. These

shades have become epidemic globally-internationally and all ages are

embracing this HOT haircolor trend.

This  service I recommend only be performed by a licensed

professional. Using bleach and other Pursulfates can cause severe

damage in untrained hands if it isn't properly mixed, applied and


Because pastel are very light and ethereal it's very important to clarify

your blonde before applying your final pastel formula. In order for your

pastels to show strong it is very important to remove all yellow and

have a "clear" blonde canvas. Bleach alone will get you to palest yellow

blonde a Demi permanent options can refine but the real secret is a

true toner. Amoniated toners will give additional lift with control. This

guarantees a refined clear blonde void of yellow. A clear clean canvas

will accept your chosen pastels with perfect longer lasting true pastels.

Bleach hair apply Joico Vero CREME Lightener with 10V 3% or 20V

6% Never apply HEAT to bleach or lighteners. if the is to porous and

damaged it will not hold the pastel shades.

 Process & Lift to a level 9-10 shampoo damp dry apply TONER formula

Joico Vero K-Pak Color TSB and/or TPB + CCV with 10V (less lift more

refinement) or 20V (more lift less refinement) 10-20 mine shampoo.


Dry hair completely and apply Joico K-Pak Color Intensity 3/4 clear + 1/

4 Pink process at least 20min

 *1/2 & 1/2 for more density, longer lasting result.


Dry hair completely and apply Joico K-Pak Color Intensity 1/2 lt purple +

1/2 clear process at least 20 min

*3/4 & 1/4 for deeper, longer lasting result


Dry hair completely and apply Joico K-Pak Color Intensity 3/4 clear + 1/

4 Cobolt blue process at least 20 min

GET CREATIVE: all color intensities are intermixable to create custom


Mix Lt purple + Cobolt + Clear

Mix Pink + Lt purple + Clear

The list goes on!

With October right around the corner I am supporting BREAST CANCER

AWARNESS MONTH and proudly wearing my pastel pink hair. join in the